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Discover Why Drum Cafe are Trusted By Over 300 of The World’s Top 400 Companies

What is Drum Cafe ?

We give every person a drum or Boomwhacker and convert your company into an orchestra for an experience of unity that will TRANSFORM your conference or meeting.

We are the worlds leader in interactive events with 80,000 events delivered in 80 countries.

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We offer four main products:

teambuilding -corporate events-icebreakers and performances.


Drum cafe


We create unity and connection in your team through the power of music. When we participate in a drumming orchestra we feel the magic of being part of something and THIS is the essence of team work.

Drum Cafe


The term Ice-breaker is a cliche but it is a very very powerful idea. When you create a joyful focussed and connected audience, the energy and enthusiasm created FOR THAT ONE MOMENT …will be felt throughout your conference… start your event with an interactive drumming ice-breaker for between 10 and 10,000 delegates and experience how it transforms the whole meeting.

Drum Cafe

Corporate Events

Our events range from breakout sessions to opening and closing conferences. We can tailor our product to fit any kind of event or meeting. Our goal is always to make your event successful. We have the experience to energise and motivate any group with our charisma and love of what we do. We work closely with you to design our contribution so that it fits exactly with your vision for the event.

Drum Cafe


Drum Cafe have a team of talented and passionate artists who offer  African Drumming, Dance , Kora, Marimbas, Gumboots and many others great performances. Our music is delivered  by some of the best musicians in the world. Tell us about your event and let us make some suggestions about how we can add theming, lift the mood or simply entertain and delight your audience.

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We Work With YOU and YOUR Vision.

Free Consultation

We have done every type of event over the last 25 years and have the experience and expertise to help you make your event incredible. We would love to speak to you about what your plans are and how we can add the perfect piece to the programme.

Define a Style and Budget

Every event is different and sometimes we might offer an opening ceremony interactive, or perhaps drumming after lunch during the “graveyard shift”… or how about a closing session to end on a high note …or after dinner performance. You might need three hours or twenty minutes and all on a specific budget. We would love to speak to you to send a proposal for your event.

Make the message fit

One of our biggest assets is our knowledge and experience and we are ready  to suggest metaphors and customisations to you for your meeting. For example, if your event is about different departments working together in perfect unison, the orchestra is a great metaphor for this idea and leaves guests not only entertained , but also inspired… Call us and we will suggest some great options. 

Client Reviews

“Completely blown away!! I can honestly say that Drum Cafe was THE highlight of our entire conference. The executives were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives.

Kristie Schroeder, Starbucks 

“In 20 years of doing corporate events, Drum Cafe was the best I have ever had”

Grand West Casino ,Cape Town, South Africa

“The hightlight of our Launch was undoubtebly the outstanding Drum Cafe performance. Its our 4th Drum Cafe !!! “

Director of Nursing and Quality , NHS UK

performed at the opening ceremony of Olympic Games in Beijing

With thousands of drums we were asked to create something spectacular and dramatic. 

Winner Indira award for Innovation in Team building

We won this award three years in a row for creating a team-building idea for conferences using interactive drumming

Perform at the Opening Ceremony of Soccer World Cup 2010

Drum Cafe was invited to energise and inspire the audience before the big event began

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