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“The Drum Cafe is the Corporate In Thing”  – THE TIMES OF LONDON

Drum Cafe Corporate Events


Drum Cafe Building Team Unity

Drumming has been used in Africa for thousands of years… but it is now a part of boardrooms and conferences across the globe.

This ancient practice has found its way into modern business because it HAS SOMETHING TO TEACH US ABOUT ENERGY —CONNECTION—INSPIRATION AND JOY. 

In 2023 we need to engage people with authenticity and energy. In a corporate event, even if we are dressed formally and doing some very serious work… at the core we need connection, energy, excitement and community to make it all work… and this is where Drum Cafe come in… We have a one hour session where we connect your team through Interactive Drum Cafe and hand them back to you energised and inspired and ready to continue with your work.

Drum cafe Corporate Events

” You blew us away with he simple clear message about how our vision is the rhythm of our business. The Drum Cafe section was rated as one of the highlights of the whole weeks programme. You left us energised and emotional and very motivated to win the market … we loved it” Mark Barnard Vice President UNILEVER

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We will work with you to customise our product to create an event that will fit your specific needs. Whether it be about creating community in your company or highlighting a specific idea or vision, we make the Drum Cafe corporate event relevant and meaningful as well as fun and exciting.

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